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Get Back to Living Life, Without Pain

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Schedule a Consult

It's easy to start the process. Simply call (904) 720-8887 to schedule your consult. You'll get one on one time with our doctor, who will review your health information and let you know if acupuncture can help you.

Get Effective Treatments

By tapping into the healing powers your body already has, you get long-lasting pain relief without the side effects. Our treatments get amazing results and our patients say great things about us!

Live Life to It's Fullest

When your pain is controlled, you can experience life more fully. Enjoy better quality time with family and friends with less pain. Be more in the moment.

"One of the best decisions I ever made for my health."

- Dan

*Individual Results Vary

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Our Founder
Dr. Jann Turpin, DOM, LAc

"I started Riverplace Acupuncture Integrative Health because I wanted to offer Jacksonville, Florida the most innovative acupuncture techniques and goal-oriented solutions for unmanageable pain."

Dr. Jann is a rare combination in the field of acupuncture, with advanced training in both Acupuncture & Biomedical Engineering (University of Florida). With a science-backed approach, she is highly skilled especially when it comes to chronic and seemingly hopeless cases. Many patients come in after being told by other doctors that they are simply getting old, not eligible for surgery or out of options.

Dr. Jann is extremely results driven. The only result in her line of sight is to help you to stop hurting and to start living.

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