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What They’re Saying

Dr. Jann listens intently and genuinely cares. She responds promptly to our needs and questions with personalized & knowledgeable information. With her treatments, my son's immune system is now functioning properly and he is out of pain. We are forever grateful.

Kyle's mom*

My first visit  with Dr. Jann was relaxed, professional and even fun! I felt at ease discussing my issues with her. She made a difference in just one visit. This lady knows her stuff.

Kris M*

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Jann's efforts to help me and it was successful. I was suffering from post-operative hiccups and medication was not working. After only 4 treatments with Jann, the hiccups stopped. This may sounds silly, but if you've had hiccups for 15 days, it becomes a big deal. As a professional nurse, I want everyone to know Jann takes a great history and her treatments work.

Career Nurse*

Dr Jann gave me my life back. I suffered from migraines since childhood and everyone in my family gets them. Prior to seeing her, I had about 20 migraines a month that severely impaired my ability to work and required expensive medications to manage. After seeing Jann for a month, my migraines dropped significantly and everyone at work noticed on Zoom calls how refreshed and happy I looked. I only get mild headaches now and rarely need any medication for them. Mostly, I am happy I am able to be there for my husband and son more.

Marie R*

As a veteran, I have suffered chronic pain for most of my almost 64 years. The medications I used to manage the pain started causing debilitating side effects and worked less and less effectively. I had been wanting to try acupuncture and am SO glad that I did. Dr. Jann is wonderful, knowledgeable and explains every step of the way, while helping to set realistic expectations for recovery and maintenance work. Now I'm in much less pain (sometimes no pain!) and rarely need medications. That is nothing short of amazing. I would absolutely recommend her practice!

Joe B*

I have suffered from lower back pain for over 40 years. Doctors offered me narcotics and epidural injections which lasted only a very short time. I decided to try acupuncture which has made me practically pain free. I wish I had tried it sooner. It is miserable to be in constant pain. I want to thank Dr Jann for her efforts in reducing my pain level. I want to add that they are taking all the proper precautions for COVID. Being almost 70, that is a huge concern that I never need to worry about coming here.

Anne R*

* Individual Results Vary

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